Online Cake Delivery To Ludhiana

Send prompt delicious cakes to Ludhiana . We have amazing cakes for you in all flavours like Chocolate Cake, Black Forest Cake and other varieties in cakes like Photo Cake, Age Cake, Kids Cake in Ludhiana . Browse below and order your cake online for your loved ones in Ludhiana . We offer same day delivery in Ludhiana .

Order Cake Online in Ludhiana

At Ludhiana Flower and Gift Shop, we send cakes to areas anywhere you like. Our cake delivery system provides same day cake delivery. And we even do midnight delivery of cakes – that means we almost have the whole day covered.

If you visit our online portal,, and browse our online cakes section, you’ll find various types of cake that will cater to your taste – or what the celebrant may have requested.

We have the popular flavors like chocolate cake, black forest cake, strawberry cake, vanilla cake, etc. We have also special high-end online cakes like red velvet and carrot cake. And don’t forget our very own version of the butterscotch cake.

Here at Ludhiana Flowers and Gifts, convenience is our business. You can order any our online cakes - for example, birthday cake, anniversary cake, or Valentine Cake – by just opening up your browser and typing in – all in the convenience of your home. You can even send cakes through our online cake delivery in your pajamas.

Our online cakes can also be ordered while you are in commute – for example, you are on your way home from work and you suddenly remembered you still have no anniversary cake for your partner. Simply take out your smartphone, and visit Ludhiana Flowers and Gifts Shop.

Our cakes are perfect for other celebrations too. Aside from the popular birthday cake, Valentine cake and anniversary cake that we serve, our cakes can be yours via our online cake delivery for that special moments such as a promotion in your job, a send-off party, or just send cakes to anybody you romantically like. Surely our online cakes are hard to resist.

Send Cakes to Ludhiana

We at Ludhiana Flowers and Gifts Shop maintains a high quality standard for all of our cakes in our stock. Our cakes are always fresh and are ready to be served at our online cake delivery. Guaranteed that whenever we send cakes to our customers, they would surely find our online cake in perfect condition, with that distinctive deliciousness that you’ll only find here at Ludhiana Florist. Our online cake are made from the finest ingredients source from Ludhiana and nearby – that’s the reason our cakes really stands out from other online cake suppliers.

Of course, we are also very glad to inform our dear customers that Ludhiana online cake delivery can be sent at any time of the day. Our same day cake delivery system and midnight delivery are our trademark service that makes ahead of the other cake shops.

So if you want to have that chocolate cake, butterscotch cake, and strawberry cake delivered to your loved one at around lunch time in her office just around the moment that a very stressful meeting with her bosses has just ended, make her happy by availing our online cake delivery. We send cakes promptly.

Order Cake Online – Midnight Cake Delivery in Ludhiana

Have you ever experienced forgetting to give any gift to your kid because work has caught up on you? Just send cake by availing our online cake delivery. We suggest to have it through our midnight delivery option. Upon waking up and heading to the kitchen for breakfast, our kids cake will surely standout among the other food in the breakfast table. Your kid will surely start his birthday in the right mood.

Online Cake Delivery to Ludhiana for your Mom & Dad

Your parents too will be very much delighted to receive a cake from Ludhiana Florist. Send cakes by having our online cakes personalized by ordering a photo cake using a picture of them together. They surely talk about that cake for months to come.

Ludhiana Florist online cake tastes so good that the taste will still linger in your mouth days after taking a bite. So you may have to avail of our online cake delivery as a gift for yourself. Now that definitely shows that you love yourself too.

Celebrate career milestones like finally having that pay raise you’ve been wanting for so long. Make it more memorable with Ludhiana Flowers and Gifts Shop’s wide choices of online cakes. Our online cake delivery would just be the perfect solution just in case you are in the middle of the meeting and you can’t get out of the meeting room – just simply order the cake right there and then.

Same Day Cake Delivery in Ludhiana

Our same day cake delivery will ensure that the online cake you ordered from Ludhiana Florists will arrive just in time for that afternoon coffee break. Is there any better combination than coffee and cakes?

Ludhiana Flower Shop online cake delivery would gladly attend to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife’s cravings for our chocolate cake, black forest cake, strawberry cake, butterscotch cake, red velvet cake, or any other cake available at You can share it with them after arriving at home for dinner or even as a midnight snack – we provide midnight delivery for our online cakes.

Just remember, our cakes are not just ordinary cakes. These are made with love and care mixed with the best ingredients available. And we at Ludhiana Florist, are proud to share with you the cakes together with your special someone. We are a part of building up relationships and keeping one intact.

Feel free to browse our offerings of online cakes. You will never regret making that decision.